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Sleep Recovery Coach

Are you a health, wellness, or fitness professional? Expand your skills and become a expert sleep coach in this important niche field!

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Course duration  

18-20 hours total study & assessment time


5 end of lesson quizzes
1 final case study exam


European REPs approved
Lifelong Learning Programme
10 credit hours


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1 in 3 adults lack sufficient sleep!

How much do we really value sleep in modern society? What do people typically sacrifice their sleep time to do instead? Television, emails, social media, browsing the internet, socialising, and household chores are all common activities that can displace our sleep. 

The recommended minimum sleep requirements is  7 hours per night, with many adults needing more than this. But does a full night's sleep really matter? Many feel they can function on less. But what happens when the occasional short night of sleep starts to become the habitual norm? The scientific literature is full of evidence about the long-term impact of limited sleep. The effects on our health can be substantial to say the least! 

  • Increased risk of being overweight
  • Increased risk of hypertension
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Increased risk of diabetes and/or metabolic syndrome
  • Increased risk of depression or other mental health problems
  • Reduced cognitive performance and problem-solving capacity
  • Reduced life-expectancy

These elevated risks from lack of sleep provide a strong justification why sleep optimisation should be a personal priority, in a similar manner to diet and exercise being important priorities for health and wellbeing. It is common to seek expert help from a fitness coach, or to seek assistance with healthy eating from a nutrition advisor or diet group. Seeking assistance from a sleep coach really needs to become as common and as widespread as being taught by a fitness instructor or personal trainer. 

Stop falling asleep in front of the television! 

At the end of a busy day, falling asleep on the sofa watching television has become the norm for so many people. This is a clear sign of lack of sleep and a tired body and mind. A certified sleep coach can help reset sleep habits and behaviours to establish a healthy, restorative sleep schedule.

Enroll today and become the answer for so many who are missing their favourite TV shows!  

Course summary

  • 5 Topical lessons
  • 40 instructional videos
  • 4 Expert interviews
  • 6 Sleep analysis tools
  • 42 actionable strategies
  • 6 Sleep assessments
  • Professional certification
  • EREPs approved education


Sleep has a significant bearing on how we feel and function, including how we respond to fitness training and high-level physical performance. You will learn about the prevalence of sleep problems, sleep physiology, how sleep benefits exercise, how to analyse sleep, and how to implement important sleep improvement strategies.

Is there a sleep coaching market?

Despite 71% of adults having sufficient time within their daily schedule, 54% still struggle to achieve sufficient quantity and quality of sleep each night to function optimally. Sleep coaching is a highly effective solution to resolving this problem. If you would like to make a positive difference and help people wake up feeling energetic, happy, and alert each morning, then this course is for you!

Benefits of increased sleep

It is likely most people already know how much better they feel after just a single, really good night sleep! The benefits of repeating that good night sleep on a regular basis until good quality and quantity of sleep become habitual can have some remarkable benefits to health and performance, including:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduced risk of weight gain and better weight reduction results
  • Better functioning immune system with reduced likelihood of excess inflammation
  • Improved heart health
  • Improved metabolism and blood glucose control
  • Improved cognitive performance and memory
  • Improved exercise capacity and physical performance
Meet the TUTOR

Course Tutor
Ben Pratt, BSc. MSc.

Since 1995, I’ve been privileged to coach and educate thousands of people across all levels of the health and fitness industry, including members, clients, athletes, fellow instructors, management, leaders, students, tutors, and education professionals. 

As a national and international educator, I am dedicated to ensuring that your online educational experience here at Fit 2 Succeed is of the highest quality and positively contributes towards your career goals and aspirations! 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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Course Taster

Why prioritise sleep?

Enjoy a free taster of the type of content delivered in the Sleep Recovery Coach online course. This is the first video in the course that asks the important question, why should we prioritise sleep?  

Our students love  the Sleep Recovery Coach

Great course that provides a lot of knowledge in a fairly short timespan. Learning at your own pace, in your own hours, with a tutor on hand for Qs. I'd recommend it for anyone wanting to take their own reading about sleep to a deeper level.

Mandy B, United Kingdom

Working as a sleep coach within the field already, I would recommend this course to all science graduates involved in human performance. The course content was well laid out and provided good knowledge of each subject matter. A job well done! Definitely 5 stars!!

Barry B, South Africa

The sleep recovery coach course is great for those looking to add knowledge, skills and abilities to their work in both health and fitness industries. I was very happy with the content provided and the expert interviews were top quality! Ben kept the learning material professional, interesting and practical. The lectures were very well taught. I highly recommend this course!

Ingvar G, Iceland

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